你来到派克峰州立大学想要更多. 不仅仅是学习一项技能. More 比获得学位或证书更重要. 你梦想着更好的生活.

全国网赌正规平台非常认真地对待这一指控. 为了帮助你到达那里,全国网赌正规平台从联系你开始 你在哪里——身体上,教育上,经济上.

Three campuses and additional learning centers throughout Colorado Springs and many online options, along with day and evening classes, make PPSC adaptable to just about any lifestyle.

在你所在的地方和你见面也意味着在你的预算之内. With tuition less than half of our university counterparts’ and millions of dollars in aid and scholarships 可用,PPSC应该证明在你的经济能力范围内.

你通过派克峰的具体路径取决于你的兴趣. Our advisors and online tools can help you navigate our 150-plus degrees and certificate programs, turning your passions into something tangible, something extraordinary: a fulfilling and rewarding career.

We have as many dreams here as we do students, and they come in every variety: high school grads, veterans, single moms, factory workers, jocks, artists, geeks, book 来自各个种族、民族和年龄的蠕虫和退休人员. 一起,全国网赌正规平台创造了一个支持 learning environment and a sense of belonging for those who want to build a better future while staying close to home and for travelers on their way from here to everywhere.

We are here for you.

At PPSC, we offer more paths to success than Colorado offers mountain trails.

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Mission, Vision & Values




Our mission statement closely mirrors the statutory role and mission set forth in 科罗拉多州修订法规第23-60-201条.

Our mission is to provide high quality educational opportunities to all with a focus 关于学生的成功和社会需求,包括:

  • Occupational programs, including certificates, associate and bachelor degrees, for 职业和技术领域的青年和成年人;
  • Two-year transfer educational programs to qualify students for admission to the junior year at other colleges and universities; and
  • 为成人提供广泛的个人、职业和技术教育.

You can find our 国家系统的使命宣言.



  • Teaching and Learning: Our primary commitment is to student learning, success, and achievement, while promoting open and universal access to an affordable education 并肯定了全国网赌正规平台的设施和学习环境的重要性.
  • Mutual Respect and Accountability: Because people are our greatest resource, we foster a culture rooted in civility, mutual trust, and support, and hold ourselves accountable 为全国网赌正规平台的决定和行动.
  • Community and Diversity: We engage and support our community while embracing diversity, 因为它丰富了生活和教育经历.

Some Basic Facts:

  • With more than 17,000 students, PPSC is the largest and most diverse college in the Pikes Peak region.
  • We have three main campuses: Centennial on the south side of town; Rampart Range on the north side; and the Downtown Campus in the heart of the city core. We have smaller 卡森堡陆军基地和彼得森太空部队基地的学习中心.
  • 全国网赌正规平台的平均班级人数是17人.
  • We offer transferrable credits to UCCS, CSU, Regis and many other four-year colleges 以及全国各地的大学.
  • 31%的学生与军队有联系.
  • PPSC捐款390美元.为当地经济贡献了300万美元.
  • PPSC students receive a rate of return of 13% on the money they invest in tuition.
  • Tuition costs $5,068 annually (2 semesters at 15 credits per semester and can vary 根据学习计划.)
  • PPSC每年颁发约100万美元的奖学金. 大多数学生申请 奖学金或经济援助得到帮助.

Certificate & Degree Programs

Learn more about Pikes Peak State College's degree and certificate offerings.

Our History

Pikes Peak State College was established in 1968 as El 帕索社区学院, a two-year 提供三个副学士学位的大学. 在老城区租来的大楼里活动 科罗拉多城的第一年入学人数约为800人. The first graduation was held in April 1970 at Bancroft Park, yielding 17 associate degrees and 70 certificates.

Enrollment rapidly grew, in part because of an emphasis placed on military programs, which have become a significant aspect of the college, and the need for permanent 设施变得显而易见.

Early in 1973, the U.S. 政府宣布沿北部边界划设212英亩土地 将卡森堡作为剩余土地. 1974年12月15日,地契转让 to the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education for use by El 帕索社区学院. 提供全方位服务的百年纪念校园建于1978年 学院理事会批准了派克峰社区学院的新名称.

The college experienced a variety of changes throughout the 1970’s including a tremendous surge in occupational majors due to heavy veteran enrollment, the birth of KEPC college radio, along with the arrival and departure of collegiate sports teams and the El 德国帕索国际社区学院. 尽管发生了这些变化,但PPSC保留了下来 true to its historical roots by adapting to serve community needs first and foremost.

Continued Growth

Significant population growth during the last several decades in the Pikes Peak region 推动了扩大教育服务的需求. 因此,PPSC市中心工作室 Campus opened in 1986 to provide better exposure to the college’s arts and science 并提供一个艺术中心. Rampart Range校园建成 1998年在城市北端,2008年在猎鹰校区. PPSC also began operating education centers on Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

PPSC has become the largest post-secondary educational institution in Southern Colorado and offers the most widely accessible and affordable education in the region.
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CCCS system colleges


In 1985, the Colorado State Legislature passed House Bill 1187, which established 州社区学院和职业教育委员会(SBCCOE (或董事会)作为CCCS的管理机构. 董事会由九名有表决权的成员组成 who have demonstrated significant achievements in a broad range of public, private and 非营利组织. 有投票权的成员由行长任命并确认 by the Senate. 

Recognizing the importance of faculty and student voices in its decision-making process, the Board also comprises one faculty member who represents the State Faculty Advisory 委员会和一名代表州学生咨询委员会的学生. Both the student and the faculty board members serve in an advisory capacity, making motions, speaking 在辩论和/或在委员会任职.  

Pursuant to Board Policy 2-25, PPSC has established an Advisory Council whose membership is representative of the 其三县服务区内的不同选区. 主要目的之一 of the PPSC Advisory Council is to serve as liaison between the College and its external constituencies (e.g.、雇主、学校董事会、县专员、市议会).

学校已获高等教育委员会(HLC),并正式加入 Open Pathway in 2016.


Pikes Peak State College is accredited through the 高等教育委员会 (HLC) 自1975年以来一直是认可的学院.

The HLC was founded in 1895, its mission to advance a higher quality of learning and 认证中北部地区的19个州. PPSC于2014年重新获得认证. You 可以在以下网址了解更多关于PPSC认证的信息 高等教育委员会

高等教育委员会, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504, (312) 263-0456.