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High Impact Practices

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What is High Impact Learning?

These are classes where you learn by doing. You might work on a team to accomplish a project in the community. High Impact classes could include the following learning strategies:

  • Service Learning        
  • Diversity Projects       
  • Internships     
  • Study Abroad 
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Research Projects      
  • Learning Communities           
  • Publish a Writing Project        
  • Organize Community Events             
  • Create a Portfolio      
  • Develop College Skills

You will find your voice, sharpen professional skills, make friends and job contacts, get to know your classmates and professors, and just do better in college.

Make it real with High Impact classes!


What's Happening?

Check Back often for updates!

  • Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum (CSURF)
    • Saturday April 22nd, 2023
      8am - 5 pm
    • Colorado College
      825 N cascade Avenue
    • Registration opens March 1st – closes April 4th
    • More about CSURF

  • Math Colloquium
    • Math Guide
    • Past Event: April 21, 2023
    • Thank you for your participation in this years Math Colloquium
    • Click Here to watch the recording
      (Password: fPFyi52r)
  • Science Colloquium
    • Sci Guide
    • online asynchronously at The Expo
  • Celebrate Service
    • TBD