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Pikes Peak is a great place for international students to begin or continue their 教育之旅. 全国网赌正规平台的上课时间很灵活,包括晚上和周末的课程 和 a variety of degrees that will transfer into multiple 4 year universities. At Pikes 峰状态, students can begin work toward a bachelor's degree or graduate with 技术学位.


As of 01/12/2023, PPSC is not accepting F-1 or M-1 international student applications 另行通知前. 全国网赌正规平台的申请过程正在审查中,并将发布一次 PPSC再次接受申请.




  • 春季学期11月15日开学,1月中旬开学
  • 夏季学期4月1日开学,5月底开学
  • 七月一日为秋季学期,八月底开始上课

*If you already have an F-1 or M-1 visa, the transfer student application 和 document 截止日期是 2周前 敬新学期第一天上课.

*Form I-20 will be issued after all required documents have been submitted 和 reviewed 承兑.

学士,证书和非母语英语课程课程 不合格的 为持有F-1签证的人准备的.  全国网赌正规平台的办公室了解更多详情 international@Pikes高峰.edu.

If you are in the 美国 on another type of visa, are a permanent resident or have another type of immigration status, 和 do not wish to obtain an F-1 or M-1 visa, your admission 和其他学生一样吗. 今天成为一名学生!


如果你想和一个 f - 1签证 to earn a degree - you must first apply for an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility to 获得大学的录取. 收到I-20表格后,你就可以开始申请了 申请F-1签证.

For more specific descriptions about our admission 和 I-20 requirements, you can 下载全国网赌正规平台的入学要求和出席费用.For detailed steps on the f - 1签证 process, please contact your international representative 在这页的底部. 你也可以回顾 留学美国网站,来自美国。.S. 国务院,了解更多关于国际学生的信息 周期.


  1. 网上入学申请 去派克峰州立大学. 请在公民类型下选择“F-1签证” 当您到达应用程序的那个区域时.

    After you apply, you will receive detailed communication 和 instruction from your 2个工作日内指定国际代表. 
  2. 护照信息页复印件

  3. 英语语言能力证明. 全国网赌正规平台接受 多邻国英语测试, 托福考试雅思考试, or 托业 考试成绩. 请参阅下面的英语水平要求 所有选项均可满足英语语言能力要求. 
  4. 国际学生财务报表 & 学生资料表格 (在申请后发出) 

  5. 银行对账单原件 dated within the last six months that show you have sufficient funds for one year 的研究. 对账单必须是印有银行抬头的原件.
  6. 赞助的信 (如果得到个人或组织的支持)

  7. 高中毕业证书 或非官方成绩单和/或大学成绩单

  8. 选课测试. All international students must take Math 和 English placement tests to place into 大学水平的课程,然后才被录取. 有在线和面对面的选择 提供的选择 测试中心.



  1. F-1/M-1签证复印件,当前的I-20和最近的I-94
  2. 大学成绩单

  3. Transfer form, completed by international student advisor at your current school that proves you are in good st和ing academically 和 with your F-1 or M-1 visa (will be 在你被接受后发送)


Students who have a terminated SEVIS record are 不合格的 for transfer to Pikes 峰状态.




注意: Pikes Peak is not issuing I-20's for the English as a Second Language (非母语英语课程) program 此时此刻. English proficiency scores must meet the requirement for degree courses 没有辅修非母语英语课程课程. 但是,可以选择非母语英语课程课程 除了 to the degree program as long as all requirements of the f - 1签证 are met. 请 contact your Pikes Peak international representative for more information. 


  • 多邻国英语测试:最低110分
  • 托福(作为外语的英语考试):最低80分
    • 注意:PPSC的托福机构代码为4291
    • PPSC只接受托福网考成绩
  • 雅思(英语语言测试系统):最低6分.5
  • 托业(国际交流英语考试):最低750分
  • Transcripts, Certificate or Diploma showing graduation from an English language school 或英语作为第二语言(非母语英语课程)强化课程
  • Transcripts showing passing an equivalent college-level English course in the U.S.
  • If already in the US, passing score on the English as a Second Language (非母语英语课程)- four 部分 Accuplacer测试,在派克峰州立学院现场拍摄.
  • 完成课程证明,并提供以下证书:
      1. 冈比亚- WAEC/WASSC(英语考试C4级或以上)
      2. UK 和 UK-style schools: Cambridge GCSE/IGCSE/O-Levels: Grade of C or higher on the English exam (old/letter 评分范围) or 4 or higher on the English exam (new/numerical 评分范围)
      3. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education: Grade of B- or higher on the English exam
      4. South Africa: National Senior Certificate: Grade of 60% or higher on the English 首页 Language exam or National Benchmark Test: Grade of 69 or higher on the English-version 学术素养部分
注意: Visa-seeking international citizens from these select countries are exempt from providing 英语水平测试成绩与申请材料.
  • 安提瓜岛 & Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, 圭亚那,爱尔兰,牙买加,马耳他,新西兰,圣基茨 & 尼维斯,圣文森特 & 特立尼达的格林纳丁斯 & 多巴哥,英国



Per f - 1签证 regulations, international students must be fully accepted to their degree 申请I-20. 被学位课程完全录取并决定 whether college support courses are needed, students must complete placement testing 在收到I-20之前. 

Follow the instructions in the h和out below to complete the placement testing that 最适合您的需要. 有关分班测试的问题,请全国网赌正规平台的办公室 at international@pikespeak.edu.



To receive an I-20, students must submit original banks documents dated within the last six (6) months that show you have sufficient funds for one academic year 的研究 以及生活费. 

Amount Required for students starting in the Fall or Spring semesters* (9 Months): 
  • 独立学生33,550美元
  • $19,750 USD for students living with a housing sponsor in the US at no cost 
  • 配偶5000美元,每个孩子3750美元
Amount Required for students starting in the Summer semester* (12 Months):
  • 独立学生需要43,560美元
  • $26,750 USD for students living with a housing sponsor in the US at no cost 
  • 配偶6670美元,每个孩子5000美元
国际 students beginning in the Summer semester are required to enroll in 夏天,秋天 春季学期等于整整12个月. 正因为如此,学生开始在 the Summer semester must document funds to cover an additional 3 months.

*截至2022年7月的金额. 成本可能会根据目前的估计进行调整.



  • 国际 students must enroll full-time in a minimum of 12 credit hours for the 秋季和春季学期. 学生不需要在夏季学期注册 除非这是他们的第一学期,他们必须注册全日制课程.
  • 学生至少要学2门课程.每学期平均成绩0分. 
  • Unfortunately, financial assistance 和 scholarship are not available for international 派克峰州立学院的学生. 所有国际学生必须有足够的 为他们的整个学习时间提供资金.
  • If Pikes Peak is not able to verify international transcripts for admission, we may request that the student conduct a general analysis with a National Association of 证书评估服务(NACES)机构. 
  • Students who have attended international institutions 和 want their credits evaluated for transfer must first have the transcripts evaluated by a recognized member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation 服务 (NACES) 和 have an official copy of their course-by-course credit evaluation report sent directly to Pikes Peak 州立大学档案部. 详情请参阅全国网赌正规平台的国际 成绩单评估网站. 
  • 派克峰州立大学 does not provide a部分ments or dormitory facilities for students. 学生有责任确保自己的住房.
  • 派克峰州立大学 recommends that international students obtain medical insurance 在美国期间的覆盖范围.S. 您不需要从保险公司购买保险 companies listed below, but they are options available to international students: 


  • Pikes Peak's Global Village is a great way to connect with students locally 和 all 世界各地. 




电子邮件: 莎拉.Webber@pikespeak.edu


5675 S. 学院大街 

请注意全国网赌正规平台的办公室采用远程和面对面的混合办公方式. 如有需要,请先与全国网赌正规平台联系 希望在校园里见到一位国际代表. 

如果你是未来的F-1或M-1签证学生, 请通过下面的查询表格向全国网赌正规平台发送查询或发送电子邮件至 国际@pikespeak.edu.

电话: 719-502-3263(适用于F-1或M-1签证问题)
来自美国以外的国家.S. (U.S. 国家代码01)+ 719-502-3263